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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.
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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.



(the personal and professional journey of Dr. Dunc.)

Question 94: Dr. McKinlay. I have TS and am....working to establish myself on the management speaking circuit. So, like you, I actually do quite a bit of public and public speaking work. My TS almost completely goes away when I am on stage or in front of an audience talking. But as I grow my speaking career, my concern is that I won’t be able to control my TS for prolonged periods of time. I’m wondering how you deal with your TS when speaking to audiences. Does it ‘manage itself’ or have you learned certain compensatory or management strategies. G.D., ON, Canada.


Question 56: What kept you going to school thru high school? That's my question. Typically, at high school, they just suspend, which is what [my son] would LOVE.....then they just don't invite them back sooner or later. I called his V/P this am and he has no problem if one of us spends a day or 2 escorting him to classes, just to give him a tune-up.....we shall see.. I guess what I really need to know is.....what kept you going to classes, was it being suspended or did you have to hit a crisis before you got the message that you have to go to pass? What to do? M.S., ON, Canada.


Question 37: I am a graduate student in Rhode Island, currently studying Meeting the Needs of Special Children and writing a 5-10 page research paper on TS. I am very interested in your biography and your success. were you in special ed at all, and if yes, for how long? Any other comments you may want me and other general ed teachers to keep in mind when working with a TS student in our class. C.D., RI, USA.


Question 17: Hello! My name is J. I am 10 years old. I was wondering If you could answer my questions. Well, here they are!

My questions are, Why do people have different tics than others and I was wondering what kind of tics you have? By the way, is it hard to become a doctor because I wanted to become a T.S doctor when I grow up. Thanks {almost} doctor Duncan! Bye! J.M., ON, Canada.


Question 13: I would be interested in seeing you with [my son], should you become a practising doctor sometime in the future. You seem very knowledgable about the subjects. C.W., Ontario, CA


Question 5: I really enjoyed your web site. I have not been diagnosed with TS but feel that I may have it. I do a small tick (like a head jerk) ,eye blinking and I find that I tap my teeth alot along with a couple of other things. I have requested a physicans list from TSA but have not received it yet. Do you or have you ever heard of anyone having a yawn? Is this a form of a tick? Also do you take any drugs to help you with TS? If you do are they worth the side affects? If you could please respond as you are the only person I know with TS. Thanks L, Alabama, USA


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