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If contacting Dr. McKinlay through this site, please understand that, given his 'Retired' status, to uphold the ethical and professional standards of his profession he can no longer assess, diagnose, treat, or consult regarding personal difficulties; moreover, information on this website should not be considered a substitute for the advice and direction of your current doctor (Psychologist or Physician).  

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The creation of, "Life's A Twitch!" occurred prior to Dr. McKinlay's registration as a psychologist (with the exception of Nix Your Tics!, published in October 2008). As such, much of the content on this website represents the personal, anecdotal, and research perspectives of B. Duncan McKinlay from that time period. To access materials which reflect his perspectives as a mental health professional, visitors are advised to access the Brake Shop clinic website.  It is Dr. McKinlay's belief that each website is valid: unique strengths and resources stem from each perspective. In the event that any contradictory information exists between the "Life's A Twitch!" website and the Brake Shop Clinic website, though, visitors are advised to resolve this contradiction by favouring the latter site.


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