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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.



('how and when should others be told about all this??')

Question 89: I am currently working with a couple of youngsters who have Tourette's Syndrome. One of my clients is a boy in grade 3. His teacher is interested in having me come and give a short presentation to the class on Tourette's. My client is comfortable with this but not sure he wants to be in the class at the time of the presentation. My question is what you feel would be appropriate information for a grade 3 classroom? I want to make sure this works out the best for my client and hopefully it will enlighten his teacher at the same time (even though the primary target is his classmates). L.T., NS, Canada.


Question 55: A little problem has come up at our local chapter meetings that I wonder if I can get your input on. C. comes with his Mom to our TS chapter meetings and sits with the adults in the room where we are having our discussion. If I start talking to new families about in-services and how they can help, C. will pipe up and disagree with me that they do not work. He has done this two meetings in a row. I took him aside after the meeting to ask him about this, and he said they do not work, and will continue to tell families this if I bring it up.

I talked to his Mom about this tonight, and said I had a problem with this, and she got right pissed off, saying they haven't worked in his case, and....that he should tell people this.

What mixed messages are we giving families if this is going to happen? I don't want to fall into the same trap as schools and tell him that he better find something to do in the other room during our adult meetings. Am I totally off-base and out in left field about my concerns here? G.B., ON, Canada.


Question 34: I have a request to do an in-service for a high school student with TS. They are looking for both a session with the teachers and with students. Since the high school students all have their own timetable, there is no single class of students that this fellow is with all day. Do you have any recommendations for strategies on how to approach this? Thanks, C.W., ON, Canada.


Question 30: It is not uncommon for TS children (even adults) to be sexually inappropriate, perhaps intrusive and not complying with the cultural/societal norms. How does one address this in an in-service since the question has popped up? More importantly, how does one handle this behaviour to extinguish it? With some young children it seems to extinguish fairly quickly with talking and substitution training for in public. For others whom are at the age when this can be viewed as deviant, criminal behaviour--Young Offenders 12+ and age of sexual consent 14 years--what suggestions for working with these young people. Some of them are some management issues need to be addressed. K.T., BC, Canada.


Question 27: I was hopping you could clear up some confusion with me. Is ADD/ADHD a LD? Or is LD's just common with ADD/ADHD? All the books I am able to get my hand on to are vary out of date. And don't give good information. On top of the fact I seen to live on a back hole for information an TS, ADD, and the like. I was also wondering if you have any advice on explaining to College instructors that a I have TS. That I am fine and nothing will serious happen to me whale I am ticing. (I had some problems at the end of the semester with caching a flue that made me tic really bad and some instructors panicking. And I don't wish to repeat it next semester.) R.J., CA, USA.


Question 16: Hi. You were just in town talking to the kids at [my son's] school.My son has o.c.d. and he is 12 yrs. old. I did not realise that o.c.d. was a part of tics....I have been trying to tell the taechers about [my son's behavioural problems] but it does not work. They think I'm lying.Igot the doctor to sign a note saying he has it but it does not help.He is getting into trouble for things he can not help.I would like to know how to deal with the teachers?My son was very impressed with you and really enjoyed listening to you. His friend at the school has tics and him and her talk all the time about there problems, but when you came to the school and spoke on this he has not stopped talking about it.Thanks for coming to the school and talking to the kids.BYE. M.M., ON, Canada


Question 8: Our son, M. (11 years old), was just diagnosed with TS. We are wondering how to tell his classmates and what to tell them. Your in-service workshop sounds wonderful. His teacher seems pretty eager to do something as the other students are wondering why Matthew gets away with certain behaviours and they don't. What do you suggest? K. and T. F., Ontario, CA.


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