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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.


Question 19: i was wondering if TS affected a persons physical stamina? V.S., PEI, Canada.

Hi V.S.:

In different ways, depending on what you mean exactly. While I am not aware, nor can I find, any medical reports or studies looking at the relationship between TS and physical stamina, there is some anecdotal evidence that adults with TS may have more physical problems (hernias, detached retina's, spinal problems etc.) as they age because they've worn their bodies out at a faster pace than nature intended. On the other hand some people with TS have extremely fast reaction times, good strength in a particular area, etc. because they are always moving (if you have many, and extreme, symptoms then ticcing all day GETS you into shape, basically!). I myself, for example, have a powerful singing voice because my vocal cords are quite strong after years of having no choice but to endure high-pitched vocal tics...........

Hope this helps V.! Good luck on your school report,
Dr. Dunc.

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