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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.
1998 - 2018
Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.


Group performance of my song 'Tourette Twitch' at the TSFC 1997 conference in Waterloo, ON.

Lynda Burke, R.N., M.Ed., CPMHN(c)
Child and Family Therapist, Grand River Hospital

"...several parents continue to report to me their high regard for Duncan's knowledge and communication skills as demonstrated through the community workshops that he has given....Duncan is a very capable, competent and responsible person...".


Joanne Sullivan,                                                                                     

[Dr. McKinlay] was very, very helpful for our son's teacher and the resource teacher. They came away with an understanding of what our son is going through with his TS. Our son's teacher has used information from [Dr. McKinlay's] presentation in the classroom for our son and other kids and has been successful. Myles our son is very happy and is doing really well - so well we didn't have to go to parent teacher this time!

[Dr. McKinlay] provided some very helpful insight into how to deal with Myles and they are reflecting in his happiness - THANK YOU!


Stephen Buttrum, Ph.D, C.Psych.
former Chief Psychologist, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

"...I think that Duncan would be able to provide some wonderful inservice for educators. He has developed a variety of strategies that are very user friendly and would be helpful to any school, that has a student with Tourette's. Duncan has presented to teachers and educational assistants in the past. He really is a dynamite speaker and a very personable young man."


Karen Hesch
President, Wilmot Township Parent Support Group WrapAround Coordinator, Ontario.

"...I always enjoy the way you present this challenge to our community.  I appreciate that you are willing to share from personal experience..."


Janet and Eugene Whitelaw,
Parents of a child with TS.

"...Not only is Duncan a buddy to [our son], he is a role model, a friend, a confidante, a big brother....We are so grateful for the help that Duncan has given to our son and the strong positive influence that he has..."


Janet Hinchley, Ph.D., C. Psych.

"...I was impressed enough with Duncan's positive approach to invite him to meet with children and their parents in my clinical practice...I believe that Duncan has the research interests and the personal qualities to make him an excellent clinical psychologist."


Rosie Wartecker,                                                                               
Executive Director, Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada.

"...It is a real pleasure for me to provide a letter of reference for Duncan....Duncan first came to our attention through the letters of two community agencies [who] nominated him for our Quality of Life Award, which he won....In the twenty years of our existence, this was the first nomination from outside the Tourette community."


Lee Scriven,                                                                                     
Parent of three children with TS.

"...Duncan....was an inspiration from the moment we saw him....Over the weekend a life saving friendship grew....Since then Duncan....has spent many hours sharing his experiences....and the many coping skills that have gotten us through some really rough times."

I thank all of my referees from the bottom of my heart.  My hope is that they realize the amount of strength they have graciously given me.  You are all truly extraordinary people.

Dr. Dunc.

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