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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.
1998 - 2018
Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.



These films must be purchased from the owners of the copyright. Alternatively, organizations like the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada (TSFC) have lending libraries for paid members. 

Videos marked with an "*" are available from the TSFC.

  • Click here to go to the TSA Catalog of videos.
  • Click here to order TSFC videos.
  • Click here for a film/audio bibliography of selected titles developed jointly by Parentbooks and Dr. McKinlay.
  • Click here to see a listing of past film and radio events Dr. McKinlay has participated in. Segments may be available for purchase by contacting the media organization directly.
  • Varous television shows such as Montel Williams, Heart of the City, 20/20, CBC Health Show, Pamela Wallin, Maury Povich, Chicago Hope, 7th Heaven, and Ally McBeal have featured individuals or characters with TS. Click here to contact the TSFC and find out which segments are available to members for lending.

Films Worth Noting

Leaky Brakes: What They Are. What They AREN'T (74 minutes)

-Finally a DVD of a presentation by Dr Dunc! Filmed at the Child & Parent Resource Institute (CPRI), and funded by the Volunteer Organization of CPRI (VOCPRI), Following an introduction by Dr. Dunc, this film captures him presenting at Session One of the Brake Shop clinic's acclaimed, "Leaky Brake 101" course. Interspersed througout the film are poignant interviews with various youth and parent coping with TS and associated disorders. Through this DVD viewers will gain an understanding of Tourette Syndrome and associated disorders, how to recognize and understand them, and how now not to misinterpet them.

All proceeds from the sale of this DVD go to VOCPRI to use in enhancing the Brake Shop Clinic program. Order fromVOCPRI by clicking here.


I Have Tourettes, but Tourettes Doesn't Have Me (30 MINUTES)

-The best TS video anywhere. Period. A documentary presented by HBO and the TSA that dispels the myths of Tourette Syndrome through the experiences of young people. Extra DVD features include a variety of resources for educators, families, and children interested in learning more about Tourette Syndrome, in addition to supplementary information from experts. Order by clicking here.


Life's A Twitch (30 MINUTES)

-Produced by Symmetree Media and available for purchase through the National Film Board, this award-winning documentary chronicles the life of Dr. McKinlay both as a child and pre-diagnosis, using filmed flashback segments, and also present-day post-diagnosis as he tours on presentation and presents the oral defence of his thesis. Interviews of Dr. McKinlay's family and others important in his journey are threaded throughout the story. For further information on the film and it's credits, awards and reviews it's received, and to order your own copy visit the Documentary! section of this website.


Medical Mysteries -- Tourette Syndrome (60 MINUTES)

-Produced by the BBC and airing on Discovery Health Channel, this video provides a good cross-section of the current status of TS by interviewing researchers, clinicians, and individuals with TS (including Dr. McKinlay) across North America and the UK. Coverage includes detailed looks at the newest and most controversial treatments for TS.


The Tic Code (feature-length)

-This film was written by Polly Draper (thirtysomething) and scored by her husband Michael Wolff (band leader for the Arsenio Hall show) who has TS. It tells the story of Miles, an extraordinary gifted twelve year-old who lives with his single mother, Laura, and shares a fierce love of jazz with his idol, the legendary saxophonist Tyrone Pike. A breathless improvisational meeting between the two forges a friendship. Miles' desire for his mother to share in his new found love for Tyrone leads him into a child's innocent game of matchmaking. Set to the exciting and sensual rhythms of the New York jazz scene, THE TIC CODE is a riveting, touching and exhilarating story of three people finding themselves by finding each other.


TSFC Videos *

-Circle of Support (45 minutes -- intended for teachers)
-TS is Powerful! (10 minutes -- intended for classmates)
-Journey of Discovery (87 minutes -- adult issues)


Stop It! I Can't (13 MINUTES) *

-Produced by the TSA, this is a fast paced documentary for elementary school ages, featuring several youngsters with TS coping and achieving and William Shatner.  Written to create sensitivity and reduce ridicule of children with TS among their peers.


I'm A Person Too (22 MINUTES) *

-Prize winning documentary featuring five people with diverse backgrounds talking about living with TS.  This video depicts a broad range of symptoms.  Viewers can obtain a better understanding of the disorder and its manifestations.


A Teacher Looks At Tourette Syndrome

-Available in two editions from the TSA -- 60 minutes (primarily educators) and 30 minutes (more universal). Susan Conners (noted US teacher with Tourette syndrome, and executive member of the TSA) provides strategies for TS in the classroom.


Tourette Syndrome - The Sudden Intruder (1978)

-This documentary - made by the Neuropsychiatric Institute at the University of California Los Angeles and narrated by actor Jack Lemmon - is still considered to be the best despite its age, say some. It's short, sweet and to the point.


Parents Perspective - Diplomacy In Action (45 MINUTES) *

-Provides guidance to TS families on school advocacy issues.  Concrete ideas to insure the success of the TS child's school experience.


A Regular Kid, That's Me (44 MINUTES) *

-This film shows 19 children with TS ranging in ages from 7 to 17, interacting with several teachers in classroom settings.  Includes management strategies and valuable information about TS and associated behaviours.


Tourette Syndrome: A Guide To Diagnosis (30 MINUTES) *

-A diagnostic tool from the TSA featuring seven patients exhibiting the full range of TS symptoms along with demonstrations of other movement disorders for differential diagnosis. Features Dr. Orrin Palmer, a psychiatrist that has TS.


TS Panel Of Experts (30 MINUTES) *

-discussion covers diagnosis, medications, natural history, and associated behaviour.


Talking About Tourette Syndrome (45 MINUTES) *

-A psychiatrist with TS leads an in-depth discussion with a brother and sister both whom have TS. From the TSA.


Not The Usual Suspect (10.5 MINUTES) *

-Another TSA educational video, this one designed for police.  This video makes police aware of TS related problems they might encounter while on duty, mostly due to misperceptions of TS.


Twitch And Shout (1 HOUR)

-This groundbreaking and popular documentary of 4 adults with Tourette Syndrome was done by Lowel Handler, an artist who also has TS.



"Learning Disabilities and Social Skills with Richard Lavoie: Last One Picked...First One Picked On". Excellent parent/teacher training video discussing a variety of social skill deficits and interventions (1994).

"Learning Disabilities and Discipline: Richard Lavoie's Guide to Improving Children's Behavior" (1996).

"Understanding Learning Disabilities: How Difficult Can This Be? The F.A.T. City Workshop with Richard Lavoie" (1989).

To order, write:

  • PBS Video, 1320 Braddock Place
  • Alexandria, VA, 22314
  • (800) 328-PBS1

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