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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.
1998 - 2018
Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.



In Very High Company Indeed! From left: one of the best instructors I've ever had (Dr. Larry Roberts), then the Dean of Science at McMaster University, then Dr. Dick Day -- a phenomenal human being, lecturer, role-model, and a person I'm very proud to call friend (2001).

..."This is the best workshop I've been to in many, many, many years!"

..."Wow - knocked my socks off!"

..."When I walked in and saw [Duncan] yesterday I said to my friends, "What could this young guy ever have to teach me about this stuff?" Well, it turned out you had a whole lot to teach us all. Probably every one of us does if we weren't so afraid to let people see our vulnerability, our own personal hidden 'twitches'."

..."Duncan was simply adored by staff and students. He truly made an impact on my peers. It was inspiring....He validated all that I try to do....In short it was a tremendous day."

..."I wish the student I had last year could see you. It would give him such HOPE..."

..."the most valuable tools to bestow upon teachers are those we can use on a daily basis. You have equipped us well....This day was the best professional development opportunity I've had!"

..."For my two students with Tourette's, and their families, this was so encouraging and positive - they were just knocked out by his acceptance and humour about something that they were anxious about. These kids have truly been empowered by this experience and are still talking about it this morning..."

..."Thank-you for your personal comments in allowing us to see "inside" the life of a person dealing with tourette syndrome..."

..."I learned a lot, though I thought I knew about "Tourette's Syndrome" when I first came here.."

..."I was absolutely spell-bound, and I think that was true for the rest of the audience. I think it was immensely beneficial for everyone, on a huge variety of levels....I really liked the way you answered people's questions about medication."

..."Exceeded my expectations. x2"

..."The material presented will help me where I work as well as at home!"

..."To say that you touched me deeply is an understatement....I was simply rivetted....[Oliver] Sacks and you seem to be making the point that the TS reflects the best of the people who are afflicted....The answer: understanding and compassion for the individual...."

..."It's too bad we didn't have more time....1st time I've said that at a workshop in the 13 years I've worked for the board..."

..."Many [teachers] are telling us that it was by far one of the most useful and informative workshops they have ever attended....the presentation has dramatically changed the way they think about all the students in their classes....what impressed us most was Duncan's focusing on the positive aspects....The emphasis on the symptoms and how to deal with them rather than diagnosis is very much a part of our philosophy."

..."the best speaker I've ever seen."

..."I was truly inspired by your presentation....You spoke to my soul, as I truly believe anyone with "Disinhibition" symptoms are working so hard and no one truly realizes this."

...."I like the idea of looking for detours to get us out of trouble and help us overcome the potholes life sometimes throws in our path. The trick is to be aware of the hazards before we fall in...".

..."you really gave me a lot to think about both as a teacher and as a parent....As a Special Ed teacher it is important to remember that there are success stories like yours!"

..."Your presentation has validated for me that teachers' efforts to support students are very worthwhile....I wish I had heard your presentation earlier."

..."I laughed and got tears in my eyes all at the same time...."

..."Since your workshop I sat down with my student and negotiated on appropriate things she can do....So far (after a little over a week) things are lots better. Thanks again for that great workshop.... It has helped in all of our lives."

..."I'm feeling so guilty - I've been treating that little girl so badly for years! I now understand why she has been handing in such bad writing and now I know what to do about it!"

..."Now that I am aware of how these children function, I will definitely change some of my ways with them. I will be a lot more understanding and tolerant. (Try and put myself in their shoes!)"

...If nothing more this presentation reversed previous frustrated emotions and shifted those emotions to ones of compassion....Excellent day!"

..."This was the best session I have attended in 20 years. Bravo!"

..."Duncan's stories really were very meaningful and pertinent. Made me see things in a new way. Thank-you!"

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