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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.
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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.



..."A HUGE THANK YOU DUNCAN!!! [My son] seems to feel a lot more at ease..and after school two kids called on him at the house and two called on the phone....The kids thought you were great.... the grade 6 male teacher who was there....told his class that he didn't have any idea of all [my son] went through! He said he understands him a lot more now!! Yay!!!


..." have made such a positive impact on my life...I have attended many conferences and lectures, workshops and inservices throughout my 22 years as a teacher but do you know, you have made the biggest impact? You, so clearly, talked about many of the things my son experiences every day. I visit your site almost daily and always end up in tears because I read so much of my son's life. It has been so great to find a compassionate and professional site that truly understands!!! Kids who are different need more people in their world just like you!"


..."My energized friend was flying high with excitement as she went on to tell you delivered the one thing that the many other professionals to date have not. Perspective!! Though [she]has attempted to understand her son's difference over the years, for the first time ever, She Gets It! These are her words, not mine!!! "She Gets It!" Thanks to you....She is now on top of the information mountain looking down, rather than being at the bottom looking up....With your wonderful presentation, [she] now sees the possibilities, rather than the pitfalls. More importantly however is that your presence helped her to realize that when it comes to setting the bar for her son, the skys' the limit..."


..."I had resigned myself to the fact that my son had ADHD with learning disabilities and that he would never make it to a post-secondary education. After all, he hates school! What possible chance could he have, right? You showed up to prove me wrong! Your talk helped me to understand daughter’s explosive behaviours are just symptoms of something deeper and following one of her half-hour rages, that she is truly sincere, when she opens her little arms to me and ask that I simply love her. THAT is my true child surfacing! The beautiful long blond-haired angel that leaves me loves notes all over the house, the very one that sings me lullabies at the top of her lungs! I must say that you were the catalyst in reinforcing that I, as a mother, never stop loving and supporting my children, that I be their strongest advocate, that I educate myself and my spouse in understanding what exactly we are dealing with and that we succeed in providing a healthy, nurturing and loving childhood for the both of them."


..."All of the books told me the details but never really satisfied what I was wondering. Because you have the first hand experiences in dealing with these issues, you satisfied me....Your expressions (Duncanisms) and examples have helped me explain to those in my daughter's life what she is going through.... You inspire me to help her grow beyond her problems."


..."I must admit that when I first arrived I was highly stressed. I heard you before I saw you and I felt close to panic. For my children's sake and my sanity, I still have an irrational hope that Tourettes will pass from our lives....Thank you for showing me what a wonderful future my kids will have. My daughter can continue to scream and still be wildly successful. My son can learn to focus but I'm thankful for his wild imagination....God bless."


..."My 3rd grader....teacher was in tears throughout your seminar. I, as a mom have been trying to explain TS to their educators for 2 years, without much success. You did it in one day. Thank you so much."


..."This evening, your talk provided so many insights into my son's behaviours. I found myself appreciating his issues in a very, very positive light. He is a wonderful kid, who, at times, has been, obviously, misunderstood. And the recent diagnosis, at age 11, has been very helpful. While I have read so much about TS since that diagnosis, your presentation made a huge difference to me. It made it more..... real, somehow... somehow not so much of a "life sentence". To see how you have dealt with your own life fills me with the tremendous certainty that he will be better than OK in provided me with new insights for facilitating his life. Thank you so much."

..."Thank you so very much for speaking out for all TS kids & adults....You gave me a renewed hope for my 10 year old son....Please continue your valued work in life."


..."I was very impressed at how you have made choices in your life and you stick by your convictions....I also think that you have about the best sense of humor I have ever seen. Hearing you & meeting you has changed my life, I see in you what I want for myself and for my children".


..."After your presentation two of the children took a Q&A to school....and gave a mini talk to their classmates that they had TS. It was very moving & the parents had tears in their eyes. It seems the kids appreciate having 'permission' to be more open about their TS. One child isn't 'hiding' his tics now. His parents were overwhelmed to learn just how much he was holding them in. He is less irritable now also."


..."much of what you presented applies to not just our other three "normie" kids, but to simple good parenting practices in relatively already knowledgeable and informed as we were....we were nevertheless both completely blown away. You have to know what a significant difference you made in the lives of more than just a handful of people today...."


..."after listening to you all day Saturday....I feel like I am giving [my son] a double standard when I say "be yourself and be proud of your Tourette Syndrome...but here take your pills so that you don't have any symptoms of it"!....I spoke with him this morning and told him how you felt when you were on medication and he said he feels the same way....I am going to try and go drug free and see where it takes us....who knows, I may be back here some day but for now I think it is worth the effort to see my "true" child and not the one I have medicated to suit society!!"

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