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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.
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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.



..."you are a very special man with a rare gift, that is the giving of one's self and one's profound wisdom from an educated & life experience perspective that gives other's the mirror through which they can honestly begin to look at themselves."

..."I really liked how you talked about the disinhibition covering other areas and the overlapping disorders....When you know what to look for and what to do about it, it makes all the difference in the world!....Your workshop was a wonderful gift to us all".

..."It was a very good presentation because of his personal experience combined with education/ training. Helped me to understand Tourette's with a better way to know how to help son and patients help themselves".

"Excellent workshop! Duncan was a very impressive and motivational speaker. It was very easy to understand and examples used were great. I really learned a great deal and will be bringing valuable information back to our organization!"

..."I will continue to encourage parents to be open and honest with their child's classmates, and to find support through [the TSFC].

..."I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and I can honestly say that I have never had anything explained so clearly....I do not have TS, nor do I know anyone with it. However, I have lived with OCD and Eating Disorders for many years and you have given me a whole new way of looking at it."

..."I have been touched & motivated in ways that I haven't been in 20+ years in this field..."

..."The whole day was full of excellent information -- personal insights -- vision of hope & the realities of the disorder & how it can be understood & worked with".

..."Very informative, interesting, insightful, open, honest. One of the best presentations I've attended".

..."I was moved by your personal presentation during the first evening. The information you shared with us on Sunday was exceptional. I have never witnessed a presentation that actually provided me with great insight into the different disinhibited thoughts accompanied with many of the diagnoses that you presented on....I have gained a tremendous wealth of knowledge from your presentation. You opened my eyes to seeing people with some of these diagnosis from a different perspective. Miigwetch, (Thanks you in Ojibway)".

..."You've shown us all that TS isn't a prison sentence. It's just a bump in the road..."

..."Monday was breathtaking. Duncan is an incredible presenter; I had students coming by my office most of yesterday to talk about the presentation on Monday. Those who were not able to attend are now totally envious....of everything we've offered the students in their first year in the program, I truly think Monday was one of the top three moments of value that they've had".

..."I think that I left the session with a touch of disorder envy, having heard and experienced how you had found the good that could emanate from your condition. Upon further reflection, I concluded that I (amongst others) likely suffer from the opposite of disinhibition disorder, what I am calling provisionally "excessive inhibition disorder". Many amongst my generation (I am currently half a century) grew up under the adage "children should be seen and not heard" and those of us who became resigned to this way of being likely learned to suppress, with all of its unwanted consequences, much more than express. I have since made a list of likely negative effects of "excessive inhibition" and am working towards finding more of the positives. Your point about needing to realize the positives of any condtion or circumstance in order to better accept its negatives was refreshingly sensible".

..."I now feel better able to serve my clients....will also help me in my nursing education".

..."I was very impressed with the great deal of time spent on gave me a great understanding of T.S. as well as an increase in compassion."


..."I have already a good deal of knowledge before today, but was enlightened about a good many areas".

..."Duncan is very effective in allowing audience to gain understanding and keeping audience attention!"

..."He has a style that kids love".

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