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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.
1998 - 2018
Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.



This picture is misleading. It is actually Mary Robertson -- brilliant clinician, gifted writer, and mother to a renowned TS Clinic in the UK -- who dwarfs ME!! :-) July, 2001 (Toronto, ON, Canada)

As a good night's sleep is a "bedrock" strategy to coping with TS and other disinhibition conditions, sleep clinics in your community should be considered as well as the clinics listed below.


EDMONTON, AB (Canada) -- Tourette's Clinic

  • Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
  • 327-10230 111 Ave. Edmonton, AB, T5G 0B7
  • Main telephone: 780-471-2262
  • Dr. Alan Carroll's office: 780-471-7939 (Director)
  • Outpatient appointments: 780-471-7928
  • Fax: 780-471-8246


HALIFAX, NS (Canada) -- Tourette’s/Movement Disorders Clinic


LONDON, ON (Canada) --

  • The "Brake Shop" service for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders, Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI)
  • 600 Sanatorium Road, London, ON
  • Phone: (519) 858.2774 ext. 2025 (clinic secretary)
  • URL:


OTTAWA, ON (Canada) -- The Child and Family Clinic

  • Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)

-Dr. Armand Boisjolie (613.738.6990) and Dr. Martine Jaworski (613.236.9344) both see patients and consult with family physicians.


SCARBOROUGH, ON -- The Shoniker Clinic

  • Youth and Family Mental Health Services (Centenary Hospital)
  • 2877 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough, ON, M1E 4C1
  • Phone: (416) 281-7301


TORONTO, ON -- Tourette Syndrome Clinic


VICTORIA, BC -- Children's Hospital Neuropsychiatry Clinic

  • Phone: (250) 477-1826
  • URL: Tourette syndrome: minimizing confusion. Concepts applicable to an understanding of Tourette's and comorbid disorders that are often unavailable in books


WINNIPEG, MA -- Tourette Syndrome Service



Cincinnati, OH (USA) -- Movement Disorders Clinic

  • Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH 45229-30393013
  • Email:

-this clinic is directed by Don Gilbert, M.D., and includes a neurologist, psychologist, and two nurses. Dr. Gilbert's recognition of TS as requiring a multi-faceted treatment approach, looking at the biological, environmental, and psychological contributions, was very impressive to me.


GRANDVIEW, MO (USA) -- Joshua Child and Family Development Center

-a phenomenal collection of information, professional services, publications, resources, and camps based in Missouri, USA!


LONG ISLAND, NY (USA) -- Western Suffolk Psychological Services

-specializing in the treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and related conditions, including Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Trichotillomania, as well as Tourette's Disorder, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and all forms of Mood and Anxiety Disorders in adults, adolescents, and children.

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