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('how do I know what this is, and who do I go to in order to find out??')

Question 82: Is there a form of TS with an adult onset? I've been struggling with an "adult onset tic disorder" for over 2 years now, both vocal and physical, quite a repertoire. Never a day without it, often dozens of events in a day. I won't go into all the tests and specialists ....I'm a scientist (biological microcopy) very much into leading a balanced life and alternative medicine, and have pretty much given up on websites, doctors, any type of treatment -- conventional or alternative -- this is just part of who I am now. Anyway, do you think that information, research, whatever, about TS can be relevant to someone who, by definition, can't have TS due to the age of onset? I also have a more direct factual question: Can the tics lead to other physical problems? My most common and violent tic is a snapping of my head straight backward. Often very vocal as well -- barking, gasping. Now my shoulders are sore all the time, diagnosed as "shoulder impingement syndrome" could it be related to my tics? Thanks in advance, G.M., ME., USA.

Question 79: I am a 14 year-old boy who lives in north west New Jersey. Ever since I was 7 I've had mild tics. They annoyed me but nothing more. But the last month or so the tics have become increasingly worse. Everybody notices....The thing is, I don't have T.S. I have been tested at least 5 times and all came out negative. I am a freshman in a public high school and am in 4 out of 4 advanced placement classes. My question is, if I don't have TS, what do I have, what's wrong with me, and how can I stop. M.S.S., NY, USA.


Question 78: I have one student, labelled with a developmental disability, who deeply wants to be part of the regular grade 6 scene but has great difficulty with anyone or anything which blocks or delays his general wish of being included. I spoke to his father at length in December about your reference to disinhibition difficulties and he did seem open to the idea that something like that could be going on with his son. Is a medical workup the place to start in case medication would help? Or is there another point of entry that you would recommend? R.A. (special education teacher), ON, Canada.


Question 70: I developed motor tics about a year ago went to a neurologist had the cat scan and was told it was either a motor tic that would go away or possibly tourettes. He gave me a web site to read and sent me on my way. Since then I have developed vocal tics and it sounds pretty classic through the year for tourettes, except everything I have read says it is not tourettes if the onset is not before the age of 21. Is this true and then what is it called if it starts at the age of 43y/o. Are there others that develop it at this age? C.M., WA, USA.


Question 63: Our daughter Lil T. had a winter season in 2001 plagued with numerous head colds, and sinus infections. She also came down with 2 bouts of strep throat....In January of this year (2002) Lil T. started to sniff excessively! Her dad and I would remind her to use a tissue if her nose was running. She would answer that her nose felt like there was something in it. Then in May of this year we noticed the sniff being replaced with the constant eye blinking and nose twitching. So we took Lil T. to an allergist and had her tested for allergies. (She said her eyes itched and they were blood shot!) They were negative according to the doctor. He suggested that we have a cat scan of her sinus cavity to check for polyps. Once again nothing showed up. From there we went to the family physician and he checked up her nose and said it all looked fine, but to have Lil T.'s eye checked by an eye specialist. The eye specialist said her eyes are fine and gave us some saline drops to put in her eyes....Lil T. is still blinking her eyes and twitching her nose, (at times excessively). When her dad and I correct this tic/twitch she says that her nose itches up inside and sometimes her eyes burn. The weird part is that she doesn't take her hand and rub either. My husband and I are having arguments between us about this being a "tic" or if we should have her looked at by an ears, nose, throat specialist. Lil T. is upset because we are constantly reminding her to stop the twitching!!!!!!!!!! People around us have commented on Lil T.'s eye blinking, nose twitching. A friend asked me if she has TS. I thought TS was the verbal , very noticeable body jerking. I am not expecting a miracle, just some help in diagnosing what is going on with our beautiful 8 year old daughter. I want the constant nagging to stop if our Lil T. can't help this! Sorry for the long letter, but I have had this pent up inside for quite awhile. God Bless, from Lil T.'s mom!


Question 52: My son was recently dx with mild ts. He's had motor tics for 2 years and just began having vocal tics. Here's my question: is the ts dx accurate if he has only had vocal tics for 3 months? Thanks for responding! J.


Question 41: what was the easiest way to get Dx, without the doc missing the Tourettes? [Also] You have said that TS is like having a little kid in your head that copy and repeats movements which ends up being tics. Does this apply to verbal/phonic tics? I can see how complex phonic tics could be like that. But I can't see how this works with simple phonic tics. R.J., CA, USA.


Question 38: last year my 6 yr old son started to roll his eyes alot this time of year, but then it seem to stop. when we asked the doctor he said that it was nothing to worry about and if you did not point it out it will most likely go away, and it he is 7 yrd old and it started again and seems to be worse, and just yesterday I noticed he was pushing his bottom lip out like a pout as well. I would like to know what kind of doctor I should take him to so he can be looked at properly. I am worried that this could be a serious medical condition, and I don,t want to waste any time. I am very concerned please let me know what you think. K.S., Il, USA


Question 29: My son is almost 7 and has been diagnosed with TS. The doctor says now he does not need medication. He has "mild TS". What is considered "mild". Also, how common is TS? And what are his chances of out growing it? N.W., ON, Canada.


Question 22: My son is 5yrs old and he blinks or squints his eyes very fast several times in a row constantly. He also clears his throat and twitches his nose when he is doing the eye thing. Also he always has a spot on top of his head where the hair is broken off from him pulling and twisting it in his fingers. I really haven' t been able to determine a pattern for all of these things because he does it so often, but I do think he seems to do it more when he is tired, nervous or upset. Could this be TS?

Also I think that it may be worth mentioning that the day that the eye blinking first of the children had hit him in the head with a toy gun....We went and picked him up and went to the eye doctor, thinking that he could have scratched his eye. They couldn't find anything wrong with his eye. The next day I took him to his pediatrician because he was still blinking and he did have a visable but not significannt place on his head behind his ear. Once again I was told that he was fine and to use visine....Now it is about two years later and he is still twitching and has added nose twithing, head to shoulder motions and he pulls his hair....could a trauma produce or mimic the symptoms of TS? Tennessee, USA.


Question 20: I listened to the museum of vocal tics. And I have a question because alot of the vocal tics exampled a sense of compulsion, which I know identifies TS. But what about vocalization that is often repeated without the thrusts but just sounds like silliness? And mind you I emphasize "often repeated." Does this qualify as a TS vocal tic. My husband does repeated phrases. And our son does repeated songs, sounds and phrases, continually. I hope to get him a diagnosis by a professional but he is only 5 and I want to see what may change or not. thank you ---- S.H., Texas, USA.


Question 12: great website and great source for support! i was wanting to ask a few questions....

1. what exactly is the difference between a tic disorder and tourette's?

2. is tourette's related to or a form of the disorder known as "chorea"?

3. at what age did your tourette's appear? and how?

thanks! S.Z.


Question 6: My son is 15 years old and has TS. We have not been officially diagnosed, but has been diagnosed with ADHD and Bi-polar in the past. He has had symptoms since about 6 years of age, and was diagnosed with "Multiple Tic Syndrome" ?? at age 9. I am just looking for help and support for him. His tics have gotten worse in the past year or so -- more often. Do they get worse with age ?? Any advise or info is appreciated. M.G.W., Kentucky, USA.


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