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Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.
1998 - 2018
Life's A Twitch! Celebrating 15 years.


Sherry Pruitt and I swap PowerPoint presentation secrets in preparation for an East Michigan TSA conference (2000).

    • Child & Parent Resource Institute (CPRI)
    • Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada (TSFC):
      • National Director (1999-2003).
      • Executive Member-At-Large (1999-2003)
      • Member, Professional Advisory Board (2009 - present)

    • Tourette Syndrome Association of Ontario (TSAO):
      • Member, Professional Advisory Board (2007 - present)

    • London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium (LCPRC):
      • Site Coordinator (2010 - present)

    • University of Western Ontario (UWO):
      • Adjunct faculty (2004 - present)
      • Adjunct Advisory Committee (2011 - present)

    • London Regional Psychological Association (LRPA):
      • Executive Member (Webmaster; 1997 - present)

    • Ministry of Education, Program Standards Unit:
      • Behaviour Resource Group (member, 2001)

2. AWARDS --
    • Pinnacle Deputy Minister Award (2012; Government of Ontario)

    • OPS Pinnacle Award (2011; CPRI)

    • "Hero" (2008; Today's Parent magazine)

    • Hall of Excellence (2008; Ridgetown District High School)

    • Inaugural recipient, Sandra D. Lang Memorial Award (2006; Government of Ontario)

    • OPS Make A Difference Award (2006; CPRI)

    • Maureen Cavanaugh Public Awareness Award (2004; TSFC)

    • Inaugural recipient, McMaster Arch Award (2003; McMaster Alumni Association)

    • Ontario Graduate Scholarship -- Science and Technical Award (2001)

    • University of Waterloo Merit Scholarships (2001, 2000, 1999)

    • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (98/99, 97/98, 96/97)

    • Todd Axelson, Sr. Role Model Award (1997; TSFC)

    • Richard Stein Memorial Award for Making an Outstanding Difference in theiQuality ofiLife for People with Tourette's Syndrome (1996; TSFC)

    • McMaster Merit Award (1993)


    • Steeves T. McKinlay BD. Gorman D. Billinghurst L. Day L. Carroll A. Dion Y. Doja A. Luscombe S. Sandor P. Pringsheim T. Canadian guidelines for the evidence-based treatment of tic disorders: behavioural therapy, deep brain stimulation, and transcranial magnetic stimulation. Can J Psychiatry. 57(3):144-51, 2012 Mar.

    • Pringsheim T. Doja A. Gorman D. McKinlay BD. Day L. Billinghurst L. Carroll A. Dion Y. Luscombe S. Steeves T. Sandor P. Canadian guidelines for the evidence-based treatment of tic disorders: pharmacotherapy. Can J Psychiatry. 57(3):133-43, 2012 Mar.

    • King, CB; Stewart, SL; Theall-Honey, L & B. Duncan McKinlay (2011). Promoting Partnerships Between Mental Health and Education to Improve Outcomes for Children/Youth with Tourette Syndrome and Associated Disorders. Poster Presented at the 43rd Banff International Conference on Behavioural Science, Banff, AB.

    • McKinlay, B. D. (2010). Oh What A Tangled (Neural) Web We Weave: A First-Person Account of Tourette Syndrome. Journal of Clinical Psychology Practice, 1(1), 3-11.

    • McKinlay, B.D. (2008). Nix your tics! Eliminate unwanted tic symptoms: a how-to guide for young people. London, ON: Life's A Twitch! Publishing.

    • McKinlay, B.D., Stewart, S.L. & Cullion, C. (2006). The “Brake Shop”: Intervention for Co-Morbid Tourette Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Paper presented at the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada, Calgary, AB.

    • McKinlay, B.D., Stewart, S.L. & Cullion, C. (2006). The “Brake Shop”: Intervention for Co-Morbid Tourette Syndrome and Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Paper presented at the Tourette Syndrome    Foundation of Canada, Calgary, AB.

    • Cullion, C., McKinlay, B.D. & Stewart, S.L. (2006). Tourette Syndrome: Multi-Informant Ratings on Behaviour. Paper presented at the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada, Calgary, AB.

    • Stewart, S.L., McKinlay, B.D. & Cullion, C. (2006). Tourette Syndrome: The Impact Of Co-morbid Anxiety Symptoms. Paper presented at the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada, Calgary, AB.

    • DeVito, TJ; Drost, DJ; Pavlosky, W; Neufeld, RW; Rajakumar, N; McKinlay, BD; Williamson, PC; and R Nicolson (2005). Brain magnetic resonance spectroscopy in Tourette Disorder. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 44(12).

    • Nicolson R, Craven-Thuss B, Smith J, McKinlay BD, Castellanos FX. (2005). A randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trial of metoclopramide for the treatment of Tourette's disorder. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 44(7), 640-6.

    • McKinlay, BD. (2002). Forward. In DeFilippo, MG (ed.), Getting Personal: Stories of life with Tourette Syndrome. Nixa: Second Chance Publishing.

    • McKinlay, BD (2001). What makes a tic tick?? Motoric disinhibition, and the Incidental Associations model of tic formation. University of Waterloo.

    • McKinlay, BD, & Dixon, MJ (2001, June). What makes a tic tick?? Motoric disinhibition, and the incidental associations model of tic formation. Poster session presented at the 2nd International Symposium on Tourette Syndrome and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Toronto, ON, Canada.

    • McKinlay, BD (1999). Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada In-Service Manual, First Edition. Principle author/editor.

    • McKinlay, BD. Disinhibited Thoughts.  Syndicated column (1998 - 2004).

    • McKinlay, BD. T(r)IC(k)S. Syndicated column (1998 - 2004).

    • McKinlay, BD (1998). You say lemon, I say lemonade: the impact of attitude when dealing with disorder. University of Waterloo.

    • McKinlay, BD (1998). It can be done. The Green Leaflet, 22(3).

    • McKinlay, BD (1997). Education in education. The Green Leaflet,21(3); MovemenTS,3(2).

    • McKinlay, BD (1994). My snort is worse than my bite. The Silhouette [letter to the editor].

  • 700+
  • below is a summary of the 274 presentations provided within a "Life's A Twitch!" capacity (1997 - 2006) --
  • Advocacy/Support Groups:
    • Alberta Teacher's Association (ATA; 3), Association for Community Living, Association for Teachers of Exceptional Children (ATEC; 2), Canadian Mental Health Association (Guelph, Halton), ChADD Hamilton-Wentworth, Community Justice Resource Centre (2), Councilxfor Exceptional Children (Brampton, Durham, Simcoe, Provincial Conferences 2003/2002/2001), Epilepsy Toronto, Greater Edmonton Teachers Conference Association (GETCA; 3), Learning Disabilities Association (Peterborough, York Region), Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children, Manitoba Society for Tourette Syndrome (2), OSSTF District 14, Pathways Community Association (2), Practice of J. Hinchley (ADHD clients and parents), R.I.S.E. (Respectful, Inclusive, Supportive Education), Shoniker Clinic "Tourette's Club" Parent Support Group (3), Wilmot Parent Support Group (4)

  • Colleges:
    • Conestoga, Keyano (3).

  • Government:
    • Health Canada, Ontario Division for Physical and Health Disabilities (ODPHD)(3)

  • Hospitals:
    • Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre (2), Brantford General, Centenary, Chedoke-McMaster, Child and Parent Resource Center (CPRI), Grand River (3), Hamilton Health Sciences Corp., Sao Paulo (Projeto Transtomo do Espectro Obsessivo-Compulsivo or PROTOC, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine), Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre, Thompson

  • Organizations/Service Clubs:
    • Atlantic Psychiatric Conference ("Link"), Camp Kirk (3), Family and Children's Services (Kings County, Timmins & District (2), Waterloo Region), Kinettes, Kinsmen (2), Northern Ontario Foster Family Council, Ontario Camping Association (2), Northwest Alberta Child & Family Services, Ontario Association for Developmental Education, Ontario Association for Students at Risk, ParaEducator's Network of Ontario (PEN-ON), Reel Madness Film Festival (Movie Monday Society), SEAC, St. Clair Child and Youth Services, St.Clair Tri-County Staff Training and Development Committee (2), Strathcona County Family & Community Services, Tamiskaming First Nation (2)

  • Police Departments:
    • Brantford, Hamilton-Wentworth

  • Primary Schools (in-class and/or staff):
    • C.D. Farquharson Junior (3), Central Park, Centennial, Charlton Hall (2), Colegio Caminhando, Drayton Senior (2), Dundas Central (2), Howard Robertson (2), Ecole Fairview, Firgrove, Highbush, Holy Rosary, Keatsway (2), Kiwetin, Lynwood Hall (2), Lincoln Heights, Macklin (3), Manor-Highland Park (2), Mary Johnson, North Agincourt Junior (3), Northlake Woods, Pilgrim Wood, Priory Park, Rosebank Road, St. Anne's Separate, St. Joseph Separate (3), Sunnyside, Trillium Demonstration School, Wilmot Senior

  • Secondary Schools (in-class and/or staff):
    • A.B. Lucas S.S., Agincourt Collegiate Institute (2), Lutherwood (3), Waterloo-Oxford (2)

  • School Boards (teachers, professionals, and/or Educational Assistants):
    • Annapolis Valley Regional School Board (4), Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk Catholic District, Dufferin-Peel Educational Resource Worker's Association, Dufferin-Peel RC Separate (4), EA Association (Waterloo County), Durham District (2), Durham Roman Catholic, Fort McMurray private and separate, Halton District, Halton RC District, Huron Superior Catholic, Interlake School Division #21 (2), Kawartha Pine Ridge (3), Lakehead District, Lakeshore School Division #23, Lambton-Kent District (3), Lord Selkirk School Division #11(2),xManitoba Special Area Group, Ontario Council for Administrators in Special Education (OCASE), Ottawa, Peel District, Portage Teachers' Association, Simcoe (2), Thunder Bay Catholic District, Toronto District (4), Upper Grand District, Waterloo Catholic (2), Waterloo County, York Catholic Separate (3), York Region District (3)

  • Tourette Syndrome Organizations:
    • Associação Brasileira de Síndrome de Tourette, Tiques e Transtorno Obsessivo-Compulsivo (ASTOC), Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA) Georgia South Carolina chapter (5), TSA Greater Rochester NY chapter, TSA Metro-Detroit East Michigan chapter (2), TSA Ohio chapter (2), Tourette Syndrome Association of Ontario (2004 AGM; 2005 AGM)

  • Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada (affiliates):
    • Brampton, Brantford, Edmonton (2), Guelph (2), Halifax (2), Hamilton (5), Jes and Mike's Basement TS Youth Group, London (2; 2003 AGM 4), Muskoka, Greater Toronto (7; 2001 AGM 2), Greater Vancouver (2004 AGM; 2), Ottawa, Newfoundland (2000 AGM; 2), PEI (2), Thunder Bay, Victoria (1998 AGM, 2005 conference), Waterloo (3), Winnipeg (3; 2002 AGM 2)

  • Universities/Colleges:
    • Al Ain Women's College of Higher Technology, McMaster (7), Waterloo (7), York.

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