Notice of Judgement: Ms. Debbie Elicksen

Debbie Elicksen defrauds doctor helping children for over $10,000

Last known address: 3220 25A St. SW, Calgary, Alberta, CA T3E 1Z9

Suspected to be currently residing in: Phoenix, Arizona, USA


May 28, 2013: A default judgement has been made against Ms. Elicksen by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in the amount of $8888. 85 (including interest and costs to date, bearing post-judgement interest).

Ms. Elicksen knowingly and wilfully defrauded Dr. B. Duncan McKinlay, C.Psych., a psychologist with Tourette Syndrome, in his efforts to assist children and youth struggling with similar mental health challenges.

As former distributor of "Nix Your Tics!", Dr. McKinlay's self-published book for young people, Ms. Elicksen (under the business name Freelance Communications) embezzled revenues collected on good faith, actively deceived Dr. McKinlay to this fact by falsifying accounting records and delaying payments, and ultimately broke all contact with Dr. McKinlay. In the latter half of 2012, Ms. Elicksen evaded litigation (as well as avoided a collections agency tasked with obtaining a large outstanding balance from Ms. Elicksen for utilities used) by fleeing the country.

A skip trace was issued by Dr. McKinlay's lawyers in an attempt to serve Ms. Elicksen with a notice of claim, but to no avail. Results of the skip trace suggested Ms. Elicksen's last known whereabouts to be within the state of Arizona in the United States of America. A subsequent court order allowed Ms. Elicksen to be served by way of substituted service, to which no defence was filed.

As it is possible that Ms. Elicksen still possesses copies of the book "Nix Your Tics!" and/or may claim to still possess copies of this book, and/or may claim to be the continuing distributor of this book, to avoid potential defrauding customers are urged to not send Ms. Elicksen any funds intended for the purchase of Dr. McKinlay's book, "Nix Your Tics!". Those interested in purchasing Dr. McKinlay's book should instead do so via Apple iBooks or Amazon Kindle.

Caution is also advised regarding entering into any business arrangements of any kind with Ms. Elicksen.

If Ms. Elicksen's current whereabouts are known by you, it is requested that you please notify Dr. McKinlay of Ms. Elicksen's present address.


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Known Online Identities of Ms. Debbie Elicksen:

as Debbie Elicksen, Owner, Freelance Communications



as Debbie Elicksen (LION), Transmedia Strategist and Producer





as Debbie Elicksen, Canada's Publishing Expert and Communications Specialist

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